Stage 2 – Data Collection & Reporting

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In this stage the various GSI indexes/surveys are set up, launched, closed and both online and offline reports generated. This will require the setting up and locking in of required system inputs including the organisation structure, survey population demographic filters, and any custom questions.

Each unique survey profiling activity is created within the system and once all required system inputs are confirmed, the survey is launched by the company administrator from within the system. The typical survey profiling process will follow these steps:

  • Setup of the specific Safety Profiling Activity (Safety Governance Index, Safety Culture Index, Safety Leadership Index, Safety Culture Pulse)
  • Organisation Segmentation with location codes are entered
  • Any Index filters are created and confirmed
  • Any Custom Questions created and confirmed
  • Roll-out plan executed including all pre-survey communications
  • Survey activity is launched
  • Any hard copy surveys are developed, printed, distributed, collected and survey responses integrated with online survey results
  • Survey activity is ‘Closed’ and online and offline reporting reviewed and assessed
  • Post Survey activity review conducted and insights recorded, shared and incorporated into subsequent data collection activities