Personal insights to improve Leadership Capability

The safety leadership index allows organisations to benchmark each individuals leadership capability profile and track improvements over time.

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Why measure safety leadership?

Leadership is the single most important driver of organisational culture as it sets the cultural norms and expectations that define an organisation.  The importance of measuring and monitoring safety leadership can not be underestimated as the organisations culture is ultimately determined by operational and management decisions and practices.

By better understanding the capabilities, or bench-strength, of leadership it provides organisations the abilities to optimise their people resulting in knowing who are the high-performing individuals and who need additional support.  More importantly, organisations learn WHY someone is excelling in safety leadership and HOW to provide support to individuals who are not.

What is the safety leadership index?

The Safety Leadership Index (SLI) is a comprehensive leadership survey tool to measure and track safety leadership capabilities by profiling individual leader’s behaviours and attitudes across 7 key dimensions.

  • Leading by Example
  • Setting Clear Expectations
  • Involving Others
  • Demonstrating Care and Commitment
  • Providing Feedback
  • Alignment and Awareness
  • Skills and Capability

A detailed SLI report provides personal insights to leaders so they can implement targeted improvements to their leadership capability, develop action plans and allow organisations to benchmark each individuals leadership capability profile and track improvements over time. 

Safety leadership bench strength

Understand your leaders bench strength at an organisational-wide level.  Do you have a team of high-performers?   If so, how do you ensure they remain high-performing?   Is there an opportunity to develop other leaders?  How can you ensure that you are targeting leadership skills and capability improvements to drive better safety performance?

SLI enables not only individual reflection but also organisational-wide insights.

360° feedback!

The 360-degree functionality of the SLI enables a reflection on your belief on how you engage with people as a safety leader and overlays this feedback from your manager.   It also provides an additional level of insight from your team, or whoever else you choose to complete it and their view of how they are experiencing you.

As most people’s intentions do not translate exactly into words and behaviours, the 360 functionality of the SLI presents the opportunity to explore any differences and promotes targeted development of safety leaders as well as the opportunity to celebrate high and learn from high performers.

How it works

Identify your leaders to participate in your leadership program.  These can be people leaders or even people with influence within the organisation.

Communicate what the SLI is and how it will benefit, set clear expectations.

Login to your GSI portal and set up your organisation and upload your participants.

Launch the Safety Leadership Index.  Individuals can complete their SLI from any device and progress monitored from the dashboard

Review the personalised individual report and develop Personal Action Plans for individuals to complete over the next 90 days.  These should be reviewed <14 days by the individual manager.

At the end of each 90 days, review the actions and complete another SLI to see how leadership strength is improving.

See the overall performance of your organisations Safety Leadership.

See the aggregated Safety Leadership breakdown by Dimension.

See the combined safety leadership bench-strength breakdown.

All graphs are easily downloadable in different formats for reporting purposes.

Individual reports are emailed automatically to the user but can be downloaded from the dashboard too.

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