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Not at all!  GSI offers memberships based on 1, 2 and 3 year options.   However, best practice is to monitor change over an extended period of time.

3 years demonstrates a commitment to change and also attracts preferential pricing.


Please visit our pricing page or contact us to discuss your needs.

Yes! Although GSI is agnostic as far as users go, we partner with HSE Global, to arrange highly skilled consultants to present the findings to your executive teams.

Once the initial SLI is complete, you will get the most benefit out of monitoring the effectiveness of change.

Action plans are completed every 90 days, so we suggest individuals completing a new SLI every 90 days to make sure the desired improvements or maintenance is taking place.  

Individuals can run as many SLI assessments as they want within the membership period for no extra cost!

This is a subjective one.

The SCI is designed to measure, monitor and manage Safety Culture.  Therefore at a minimum we suggest annually to ensure desired improvements are being achieved and results can be consistently benchmarked.

Organisations that see the biggest benefit are those who are consistent and use their results to measure the effectiveness or their safety and culture strategy on a regular basis.    

Similar to the SCI, Mental Health Index provides a point in time view as to the Mental Health Literacy of an organisation.

At a minimum, this would be run annually but we would also suggest running prior to rolling out a Mental Health Program to ensure the desired outcomes have been achieved.
No. The 1HSE App is a stand-alone product.

1HSE can be used as a stand-alone risk management tool or compliments our existing suite of tools such as Mental Health Index.

Please contact us for more information.

Yes you can.  It's a simple and quick process and part of the system.

In fact, it's a great way to consolidate some of your current engagement surveys into one.

We also suggest demographic questions to help view the culture between different groups including gender, time in service, front line v office workers etc.

GSI is a cloud based platform so yes a basic internet connection is required to access and use the platform.  

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