GSI Members and Industry Professionals talk about why they use GSI and how it adds value for their organisations

Shaun Martin, Manager Safety and Workplace Services for Wollongong City Council talks about why he chose GSI and how it is used within the organisation.

“Since conducting the safety culture review and implementation of our new Work Health & Safety Strategy, Winc has recorded a significant increase in safety observations acts, hazard identifications and WHS Plan completion rates. Most notably, Winc has recorded a 30% decrease in Winc’s Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate making Winc an even safer and better place to work.”

– Troy Swan, General Counsel & Company Secretary

Bill Sims Jr, from the Bill Sims Company, talks about how he first came across GSI and what he liked about the platform and how he sees it adding value to US based organisations.

Chris Taylor, Head of Safety Health & Environment, Hilton Foods Australia talking about how they have used the Global Safety Index to drive a higher performing safety culture and build safety leadership capability.

“We have been avid users of the Global Safety Index suite of products since early 2016. During this time we have conducted 2 full company surveys and a leadership survey to assess our level of safety maturity. All my dealings with GSI have been overwhelmingly positive, the attention to detail and care shown have been outstanding and I highly recommend GSI to any organisation that seeks an accessible and easy to use survey and statistical tool to assess safety maturity.”

 – Paul Wheatley, Manager Health and Safety

John Barclay talks about why he has added the GSI to his toolbox when working with his clients to improve their WHS performance.

Using Culture and Leadership Tools to drive Zero Harm in a Multi-Year Health, Safety & Environment Strategy – Case Study