Improving your organisations ability to

The mental health index allows organisations to understand their mental health literacy, understand risks and take steps to optimise their people.

What is the mental health index?

The Mental Health Index (MHI) helps you better understand your workplace culture around health and safety. Mental wellbeing is a cornerstone not just of a healthy individual, but also a healthy organisation.  When Mental Health literacy is understood, steps can be taken to optimise people, process and performance resulting in improved organisation performance.

The MHI measures how well your organisation performs against the 4 drivers of mental health literacy and your ability to identify and appropriately support people in maintaining their mental fitness or addressing mental health issues. Doing this will improve business outcomes, not just personal outcomes for the individual and their family.

Employers are provided with a simple to navigate dashboard that can be incorporated with management and board reports along with a comprehensive report.

understanding mental health literacy

Mental Health Literacy is a term that describes the level of awareness and responsiveness there is to people who are experiencing mental health problems. 

Mental Health Literacy can be broken into 4 key drivers:

  1. Improved Recognition – improving the understanding of common mental health issues and how they might present
  2. Reducing Stigma – removing fear and misunderstanding helps build better acceptance of people who experience mental health issues
  3. Help Seeking Behaviour – early help seeking improves mental health outcomes
  4. Mental Health Promotion – helping people to obtain and maintain optimum mental health.

what does the mental health index cover?

The MHI investigates the 4 key drivers through asking questions about 6 aspects of an organisation

  • What are the accepted behaviours and attitudes around mental health?
  • What do people see leaders doing around mental health?
  • How well does the organisation identify and respond to mental health needs?
  • How well does the organisation promote mental health?
  • How well does the organisation identify and manage overall stressors?

How well does the organisation manage the amount of work people take on?

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