all of your key safety perfomance insights, in one simple dashboard.

Monitor your organisations leadership bench strength, safety culture index and safety performance results in a single, easy to navigate, dashboard.


Leadership is the single most important driver of organisational culture and sets the cultural norms and expectations throughout the organisation. The GSI Dashboard enables you to monitor the results of your SLI and easily connect the dots between performance inputs and outputs.

safety culture index

Safety Culture is made up of multiple cultural dimensions and drivers. The GSI Dashboard enables you to track your safety culture maturity and see a snapshot of the specific aspects of culture to focus on to maximise your efforts in addressing key safety challenges.


Safety Leadership and Culture drives behaviours and those behaviours yield results.  Although the primary focus of any mature organisation is to focus on proactive input measures, the GSI Dashboard also captures key output measures (LTIFR and TRIFR) to demonstrate the impact of performance.

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