measure, monitor, manage and benchmark your organisations safety leadership, culture and mental health literacy.

GSI is used by world leading organisations who use data driven insights to create better workplace health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

Global Safety Index® challenges organisations to shift focus from the traditional measurements associated with performance ‘lag indicators’ that require something to go wrong to learn from it by providing organisations the ability to proactively manage safety using leading ‘input’ metrics to enhance individual and cultural performance.

Using intuitive tools, Global Safety Index® is a mobile and web-based application that enables users to obtain data-driven insights into their organisation’s safety leadership capabilities, safety culture and mental health literacy, all of which are critical input measures in ensuring better workplace health, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

Established in 2013, GSI is the worlds largest integrated safety leadership and safety culture and mental health benchmarking tool. It has been trusted by over 35,000 users worldwide, enabling its members to:

  • Measure leadership, culture and mental health performance in real-time
  • Meet due diligence obligations
  • Meet ISO45001 requirements around Leadership and Culture
  • Influence and support strategic decision-making
  • Benchmark against other organisations and industries.


Allows organisations to monitor their safety leadership, safety culture and benchmark their health and safety lead and lag performance indicators both internally as well as globally.


GSI’s Safety Leadership Index provides personal insights to leaders in order to improve their personal safety leadership through individual and 360-degree feedback, enabling specific and targeted implementation plans.


GSI’s Safety Culture Index allows organisations to assess the maturity of their safety culture and develop targeted improvement initiatives and strategies.

Mental Health Index

The Mental Health Index is a benchmarking tool that enables organisations to assess their Mental Health Literacy and Culture and help focus your efforts in this space.

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