Measuring safety culture

Safety culture is the combined beliefs, values and attitudes towards safety that influence decision making, effectively, the way things are done.

The importance of measuring safety culture

Claims of a great safety culture are often made, but seldom proved.   For such a critical measure of proactive safety management, it is important to quantify it and ensure organisations are regularly monitoring their Safety Culture.  

 It is the culture of an organisation that influences individuals beliefs, values and attitudes towards safety or, the behaviour that is demonstrated everyday.

Safety Culture Index provides granular insights into an organisations culture and highlights what is working and what is not, directly from your workers.  The results are then used to help shape an organisations safety strategy, resulting in improved resource allocation, measurable inputs and ultimately less injuries.

If you're not measuring it, how can you improve it?

How it works

Start with the end in mind (How will I use the data? Who will want to know about specific areas etc). Make a commitment to act on the results.

Communication is critical to good engagement.   Develop comms to be released 2 weeks ahead of the launch of your survey.

Login to your GSI portal and set up your structure and culture survey 

Decide if you want anonymous, token invites or a hybrid of both.

Launch the Safety Culture Index.  

Individuals can complete their SCI from any device and progress can be monitored live from the dashboard

Once the survey closes, a comprehensive report will be immediately available to review.  

A detailed analysis of the report will provide insights to help improve organisational performance. 

Present the findings back to your executive team and develop a strategic plan to improve or maintain your safety culture.

Repeat your culture survey to monitor the effectiveness of change.

Monitor your organisation's responses by Key Dimensions

Monitor your overall culture score via survey dashboard view.

See specific progress on 14 key drivers.

Quickly identify your top 5 / bottom 5 improvement areas direct in your dashboard.

Measure responses to custom questions 

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