your daily wellbeing check-in app

The 1HSE app helps promote help-seeking and help-offering behaviours by providing a simple platform for individuals and organisations to monitor wellbeing!

What is 1HSE?

1HSE provides a real-time pulse of an organisations wellbeing and promotes both help seeking and help offering behaviours.

 It is an app designed to increase communication,  create small regular habits to help promote positive wellbeing and recognise trends that could result in mental illness.


The daily check-in feature provides the user the ability to select how they are feeling each day and monitor any trends directly from their phone.  By doing this, they can self-reflect on their wellbeing, e.g. how am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? Do I need support? Am I practising self-help/care? 

In addition, those who manage teams are able to get instant notifications when members of their team are feeling Great through to Struggling.

Promote, prevent and intervene

The 1HSE App is design to work as both a stand alone tool to promote help seeking and help offering behaviours, but it can also be integrated into a suite of available products.   

1. The Mental Health Index is designed to measure Mental Health Literacy and Positivity, providing insights into your mental health culture. 

2. The 1HSE App can provide a daily pulse check of real-time wellbeing

3. If a worker checks-in and requires support, your trained Mental Health First Aiders will be equipped to connect them to available support options and result in a positive impact to your culture.  

These there steps support organisations in measuring, monitoring and Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Coming soon to IOS and Android.