Leading Practice

GSI Advisory Board Members outline their perspectives on key WHS challenges and opportunities

How effective are our Controls?

Examines the changing emphasis in risk management towards deeper focus not only on identifying the controls to reduce risk but also the importance in the ongoing monitoring, reporting and improvement of control effectiveness.

Are Challenging Business Environments increasing Risk within our Organisations?

In an environment of constrained resources how should an organisation view and manage workplace health and safety to ensure that their risk profile does not deteriorate.

How should we approach workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Top of mind issue for most industries and organisations in designing, implementing and sustaining a healthy workplace.

What's the New Zealand Approach?

GSI Advisory Board Member, David Wright, sheds some light on the New Zealand WHS story and changing approach.

The changing face of WHS systems

Organisations are looking for more flexibility and customisation in their WHS systems. No longer is a one size fits all approach good enough. All stakeholders and audiences want tailor made reporting to assist them in both understanding WHS but also to aid their decision making.


We are often challenged by lack of meaningful data that provides not just information but insight.  We discuss the power and value of data based decision making.


We believe that leadership shapes workplace culture and that it is the culture that most influences our behaviour, which is ultimately reflected in our safety performance results. If we can continuously improve the decisions and actions our leaders take, a safer environment will be the result.