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Global Safety Index exists to help build a safer, healthier and more productive world

GSI is a global resource on health and safety measurement and insights. GSI members measure and benchmark their safety performance globally, and profile their safety culture and leadership capabilities in order to prioritise their safety performance strategies and initiatives. GSI leverage's the collective wisdom and experience of the GSI global community to share insights collaboratively for the benefit of all.


A safer and healthier workplace leads to better business performance

A safe and healthy workplace is good business as it reduces operational cost, and drives higher workforce engagement and productivity.

Improved safety performance results in better operational performance. One study showing a $6 return for every $1 invested in safety improvements.

GSI members know and understand their workplace health and safety risk profile. They measure and benchmark their current safety performance, and understand the operational and management practices they need to change in order to improve their workplace health and safety performance leading to a more productive work environment.

World leading health and safety performance is driven by great safety culture which in turn is created by great safety leadership

Measuring and benchmarking safety performance, safety culture maturity and leadership capability allows an organisation to better understand and manage their safety risk.

The workplace environment driving individual behaviours directly impacting safety outcomes. 

Early safety theories created improvements in safety performance by regulating individuals behaviours through safety procedures and restrictions designed to alter individual’s behaviours in the workplace.

We have since learned that organisational culture is a critical factor in affecting individual behaviour in the workplace. However the maturity of the culture is determined by the operational and management decisions and practices of the organisation's leadership.

Safety culture is a reliable and robust predictor of safe behaviours, injury frequency rates and injury severity rates. Leadership is the single most important driver of organisational culture, setting the cultural norms and expectations that define an organisation.

The best way to improve health and safety performance is to capture and benchmark both lead and lag performance data to continually improve the understanding of an organisation's health and safety risk profile. Global Safety Index members include safety culture and leadership capability as key elements of their safety performance data set.

In addition GSI members not only measure their safety performance, but also benchmark their performance over time and against other organisations. 

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