October 2018

by Brendan Doyle | Oct 11, 2018



Selfie Fatalities

From the whimsical file...Taking a selfie is more dangerous than taking a swim!

According to a recent study 93 people died from taking selfies in 2017 compared to 5 deaths from shark attack! I suppose not too surprisingly it found that the rate had increased dramatically in recent times, and was probably significantly higher than the published figure due to under and/or mis-reporting of cause of death. Probably again not surprisingly it was young males under 30 years that were the highest risk category. Read on...[MINNPOST]

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Burnout in the Workplace

From the EU we have 'Burnout in the Workplace - A Review of Data and Policy Responses'. The study asked whether burnout was a disease or a syndrome and found it was both. The importance of this response is how 'burnout' is identified/diagnosed and then treated. Read on...[European Agency for Safety & Health at Work]

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Confined Spaces - We have a Failure to Communicate

Approximately 60 percent of all deaths in a confined space are rescuers, because the men and women inside the space can't communicate about the dangers within.We need to solve our communication problem and understand how to properly rescue those we cannot reach. The article lists 4 Failures and recommends practicing a scenario to test current systems and identify potential weaknesses. Read on...[OH&S]

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Corrie Pitzer - Leadership Keynote 2018 National Safety Council Congress

Corrie Pitzer, CEO RISKmap International, in his keynote at the recent 2018 NSC Congress, emphasises his consistent message that we need to be wary of unwittingly creating workplaces where we are  'paralyzed by protection'.“Our employees don’t understand risk because we protect them,” Pitzer said. “They have to get back to understanding risk.” Read on...[Safety & Health]

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