Shifting the focus on what defines health and safety performance. Considering both inputs and outputs, providing the insights about your organisation's safety performance, culture maturity and leadership capability. GSI measures, monitors and benchmarks seamlessly.


Introducing GSI Generation 2:

Health & Safety Management Platform Reimagined

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We've been powering health & safety innovation at some of the world's leading companies


Summary of meaningful insights, customisable by you

It’s customisable for all levels of the organisation, capable of measuring, monitoring and auto reporting. This includes company or Industry defined Lead and Lag performance indicators, safety culture and leadership insights and many more.

Online Reporting

Design your own health & safety performance metrics for lead and lag monitoring

Use over 100 industry best practise KPI’s to create meaningful insights that you need like ”Why is this regions safety performance slipping contrasted to its Safety Culture or Risk Management & Incidents recorded”.

This will allow your employee to have their own team based KPI’s that contribute to the overarching organisational measure.


A simplified and proactive incident management

GSI platform allows you to learn from incidents. Be proactive! That’s our key design principle. It’ll encourage you to work towards action, improvement and ultimately a safer organisation.
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Design your own Benchmark

Benchmark your organisation, division, business unit/function or individual teams’ Health and Safety performance internally to compare and learn from within. In addition benchmark externally against the GSI global database defining your benchmark through any combination of dataset filters including by time period, by organisation, by industry, by business function, or by regional location.

Do you know how your organisation's safety leadership competence and capability, health and safety culture, and performance compares to others? 
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Managing data has never been this easy

We love simplicity, that’s why we’ve made sure that entering, editing, customising and reviewing all indicator data are doable within a single screen.

You can manage your data the way your business does whether it’s a global, region or business unit. GSI platform is fully automated – Once you’ve entered your data (It can be a mix of monthly, quarterly and yearly data), GSI will calculate the indicator values for you.


Proactive self-assessment and planning tool for dynamic industry leaders

Supported by a real time personal action plan the system allows users to populate with agreed actions to develop strengths and address weaknesses proactively.

It’s about increasing ownership for you and your staff. Safety Leadership Action Planning acts as a Critical Risk Control tool that measures and monitors your focus on the reducing harm across the workplace.

We understand that making a better informed choice about how we plan, organise and act is crucial for your organisation. Ultimately it’s about how we can create a safer world for everyone.