Shifting the focus on what defines health and safety performance. Considering both inputs and outputs, providing the insights about your organisation's safety performance, culture maturity and leadership capability. GSI measures, monitors and benchmarks seamlessly.

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Introducing GSI Generation 2:

Health & Safety Management Platform Reimagined

FREE 3 MONTH subscription to the New GSI Generation 2 Platform

On the launch of the new GSI Generation 2 Workplace Health & Safety Management platform we are pleased to offer a no-strings attached 3 MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP.


Sign on for a free 3 month no obligation trial. Rather than having to take our word for it why not try the system yourself.

We won't ask for any payment at any time throughout the trial.  At the end of the 3 months you can simply let us know whether you want to sign-on for full GSI membership. If 'Not' then we would be happy to get your feedback but otherwise we will simply thank you for trying the system and wish you all the best for the future.



We understand that sometimes a commitment to signing up to a new system can be challenging.  Having a demonstration and reading the various supporting documents, even viewing videos of current members talking about how they use the system, is not the same as actually having access to the full online system.

The intention of the trial period is for you to be able to have access to all features and functions of the full system to enable you to see how it operates, how the system reports, and determining for yourself the value that would be derived from a full membership.

The GSI Operations team will support you all the way in getting your organisation up and running and using the system as quickly as possible to learn as much as you can about the system during the trial period. As soon as you are ready to commence the trial just let us know and with just some basic information your organisation will be set up on the GSI system literally within minutes and you will be ready to go.


  • full and open access to all features and functions of the GSI system
  • No limit on number of dashboards created
  • No limit on number of safety performance indicators used
  • No limit on number of custom performance indicators created
  • 150 participants Safety Culture Survey (can be more than one survey activity)
  • 50 participants (plus managers) Safety Leadership Index (can be more than one survey activity)
  • 150 participants Pulse Survey (can be more than one survey activity)
  • Full system reporting including auto-generated reports
  • Full system benchmarking

A Fully Customisable system

'Flexibility' and 'Customisation' are the two key underlying design foundations of the new GSI Generation 2 online platform. Let's see why.

Custom Dashboards

Flexibility to create any number of custom dashboards designed to meet the specific reporting needs of different audiences. Create a Board or CEO dashboard. Create targeted dashboards for each senior operational leader. Select what data is shown on each dashboard and then share the customised dashboards. More targeted data for more meaningful insights.

Custom Health & Safety Performance Data Sets

Flexibility to create your own health & safety performance indicator data sets. Just review what is probably the largest bank of both lead and lag indicators in any online system and select the performance indicators you want to measure, benchmark and showcase on your custom dashboards. What if an indicator you wish to use is not listed in the bank? Not a problem. Just use the GSI system to create your own performance indicator. The GSI custom indicator generator will create your unique performance indicator in a matter of minutes and will be automatically added to your unique health & safety performance indicator data set.

Custom Questions

Typically when using one of the GSI index survey instruments (Safety Culture Index, Safety Leadership Index, Safety Governance Index, Psychosocial Welfare Index) it is also an opportunity to ask your own set of custom questions to widen the communication, engagement and feedback loop with your workforce. You can create any question and any number of questions and select from a wide range of response types including yes/no, true/false, multiple choice, or several likert scale options. 

Custom Filters

In any survey activity you want to be able to drill down through the data to specifically understand the feedback and responses from discrete elements of your survey population. This targeting will enable a more accurate forensic analysis of the data to better inform specific challenges and opportunities for improvement most relevant to a specific workforce sub-culture. The GSI systems allows you to create any number and type of filters to be applied to any survey activity.

Custom Action Plans

We strongly believe that the key requirement in achieving and maintaining a high performance health & safety workplace is a high performing leadership. The GSI Safety Leadership Index measures leadership capability but probably more importantly now provides an online action planning process for individual leaders to create and commit to a custom designed action plan that includes key actions, timelines and completion rates to becoming an improved safety leader. Not only is the process auto-generated within the online system but includes an approval and monitoring process for senior managers to oversee all their direct reports' action plans all in the one place within the GSI system.

Custom Surveys

Well yes you can continue to use SurveyMonkey or similar however the GSI system's 'Do-it-yourself' custom survey generator means that you can have all your surveys in one online system. Create your own survey on any topic and have it distributed to your workforce from the GSI platform. The survey setup, management and reporting all contained in the single online system.  Seamless!

Custom Survey Datasets

Imagine you have just closed your whole of workforce Safety Culture Survey. Within minutes the GSI system has processed all the survey responses and auto-generated a downloadable (and editable) report. The report provides a detailed listing of all results as well as analysis of the responses for all sections of the workforce, by either function and/or geographic location, and by each of the demographic filters you created for the survey. Pretty comprehensive right? However the GSI system goes one better and provides you with the opportunity to access even more detailed analysis and comparison within a single survey activity or across multiple survey activities.  Within GSI's online reporting you can create your own custom multiple data sets and comparisons and view these online and/or download to include in your own offline reporting.

Custom Survey Link

If all the above wasn't enough let us just add this...traditionally surveys have required an up-to-date listing of all employees, with their correct email addresses, and their correct place within the organisation's organisational structure. Assuming this is available and up-to-date then this would be required to be uploaded into the system prior to the launching of the survey.  Well all this is still possible...however GSI now offers an alternative that removes the headache associated with the traditional employee listing approach.  With a single click an unique survey link is created to which every employee can access and complete the survey. Communicate the single link via email, newsletter, or intranet. No more lists and no more matching of names, emails and cost centre codes! All survey response data is able to be collated to enable detailed reporting as before. An added bonus is that the concept of 'anonymity' of survey results is now more overtly seen as being impossible to compromise.

We understand that making a better informed choice about how we plan, organise and act is crucial for your organisation. Ultimately it’s about how we can create a safer world for everyone.

Start your no-strings attached FREE 3 MONTH TRIAL TODAY to get a hands-on appreciation of the new GSI Generation 2 online platform.